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Handpicked Group helps
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A team in the center of the world's
most competitive

Handpicked Group is a diverse team with extensive experience based in the center of one of the world’s most competitive markets – Shanghai.

This puts us in a unique position that enables us to help foreign organizations achieve their goals safely in China.

Western culture, Chinese agility

The combination of our international culture and Chinese agility allows us to truly understand our clients and represent them in the best way possible.

For more than a decade now,  we are honoured to have gained the trust of over 80 reputable brands from around the world to assist them with their businesses with China.

Everything we do revolves around deep collaboration, trust, and going the extra mile for all of our clients.

As a result, we have realized that if there’s anything that could help make our clients’ businesses more successful – that would be to go beyond just consultations and provide actual hands-on execution in China.

And that’s how we’ve created Rent-A-Team.

A team on the ground

With Rent-A-Team, our clients can rest assured that they have the on-the-ground team that they can rely on to get things done (and done well).  Even without having their own local team or establishing a legal entity in China.

Instead of spending countless hours on research, facing unknown risks, dealing with shady vendors, and constantly travelling to China, these things can be done for them.

And that’s what pushes us forward – the relief our clients feel when they realize they finally have someone they can count on to get things done in China.

Our Team Leaders

Siem Bierman

Siem Bierman

Business Development Director

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Siem arrived in China in 2004.

Having witnessed the rapid development of China, Siem’s entrepreneurial spirit couldn’t help but grow him into a seasoned China business executive.

His clients say that they have never met someone who loves networking and learning about their businesses more than Siem.

As Siem says:
I don’t know everything about China, and I can’t possibly do everything myself. But if there’s something that I need to achieve - there’s always a guy I know (who knows a guy)
Phyllis Gan

Phyllis Gan

Head of Operations

With a background in the creative industry, Chinese-Singaporean Phyllis found her passion in creating and cultivating business projects in the land of possibilities, China.

Over the years of managing operations, Phyllis decided to turn her culminated skills and experience into a way to help international businesses boost their operations in China in the safest way possible.

As Phyllis always says:
There’s nothing that fulfills me more than taking a project from non-existence to successful completion.
This drives me every day to motivate our team to exceed our clients’ expectations over and over again.

Our team in action

Checking colour accuracy against pantone cards
Representing our client's products at a booth for sales expansion in China
Inspection of an order for 3-in-1 charging cables at a factory in Shenzhen
Coordinating a meeting between our client and their new local buyer
BUY_Gift packing quality control in Guang Zhou
Mid-production inspection of a gift set order at a factory
Guiding an overseas client on their trip in China
Troubleshooting an order of headbands at a factory
Event organization in China
Checking that the first batches or order arrives safely in China
Mid-production quality inspection of silk pouches
A mini focus group at our Shanghai office
Testing the durability of various printing methods on PC material ice buckets
Testing the tightness of the barrel lids at the factory
Pre-shipping quality inspection of jute bags for Germany
Sales pitching to a prospective buyer on behalf of our overseas client
Gift packing quality control in Guangzhou
Team brainstorming a project
Inspection of the production of plush toys at a factory in Dong Guan
Team's marketing manager at work
Team on a lunch break!
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A word from our clients

Handpicked Group can deliver anything you wish for. Nothing is impossible and their service and communication are great. We love working with Handpicked Group.
Arina Ottens, PR and Communications
VAN AKEN Concepts, Architecture & Engineering B.V.
Handpicked Group [Rent-a-Team] 可以提供您想要的任何东西。 没有什么是不可能的,他们的服务和沟通都很棒。 我们喜欢与 Handpicked Group 合作。
Arina Ottens,公关和传播
VAN AKEN 概念、建筑与工程 B.V
It has always been a pleasure to work with Handpicked due to their hands-on approach and the delivered quality in goods and services.
S. Poh, Account Director
Mycross Pte Ltd, Singapore
It has always been a pleasure to work with Handpicked due to their hands-on approach and the delivered quality in goods and services.
S. Poh, Account Director
Mycross Pte Ltd, Singapore

And from Behind the scenes

here’s what local vendors say about working with us
“Dedication” and “accountability” seem to be the 2 consistent mottos of Handpicked. Their proactive approach towards vendor communication has significantly reduced any unnecessary misunderstandings, resulting in greater overall efficiency. With excellent two-way communication, it allows us to work towards guaranteeing perfect project completion!”
Carolyn You, LAVI Gifts and Premiums Co., Ltd
认真负责是handpicked 的一贯宗旨. 并且主动与供应商沟通,减少不必要的误会,使得生产效率更高。这样一来,良好的双向沟通,才能保证一个project 能够完美完成!
I am very willing to recommend Handpicked to everyone. Having Handpicked's assistance in managing the project, we are better able to solve any problem for our clients effectively. Thanks to their communication efficiency, we are able to understand the project requirements very clearly!
Ms Zhao, Changsha Lichao Gifts Co., Ltd.
我非常愿意向大家推荐Handpicked。 有了Handpicked 在项目管理方面的协助,我们能够更好地有效地为客户解决任何问题。 由于他们的沟通非常有效率,可以清楚有效表达需求,使得我们能够非常清楚地了解项目需求!

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