A Perfect 10 Year Anniversary Gift Pack

For most firms it is not always a simple task to come up with the prefect idea for a year-end gift.  Staff members all have different wishes or needs.

Handpicked worked closely together with the marketing team of Property Guru to create a gift set that would be well received by all their staff members in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. And together we come up with the idea to offer a gift-set holding several handy items.

In the sleek pouch, Handpicked placed a branded USB-key, a wire-less mouse and customised earphones with microphone.

In other words: there was something in it for everyone and this small pouch is always convenient to carry around. 
For some receivers one item may be more popular than the other items, but for sure all products will be used at a certain given time.

Handpicked Factories coordinated the design and production of each item, ensured its customisation was executed flawlessly. Finally Handpicked managed the assembly of each gift-set prior to shipping the goods off to the different countries in South East Asia. 

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