Customized Premium Brocade Silk Pouches

One of our most successful CNY premium gifts are these high-quality brocade silk pouches, perfect for holding 8 / 10 / 20 or more red packets during your Chinese New year visitings.  They are highly practical, beautiful, expensive-looking and durable, making these pouches the perfect premium to allow your recipients to realize how thoughtful you are, and how valued they are to you.

For a few years in a row now, together with our partner Handpicked factory we’ve had the pleasure of assisting a few of our esteemed clients to create their own unique, custom-designed “limited edition” silk pouches that only their valued customers have the privilege of owning.

The key to true custom-making is to make them directly at the source.  Because it is there that you can fully enjoy the advantage of choosing from a wide selection of fabrics, knots and professional designs; you even go creative and design one that has never existed before.  Don’t forget to add your brand’s logo as a subtle finishing touch, and your lucky recipients will be carrying these beautiful pouches around for CNY 2018 with you in their minds and hearts.

Suitable for:  Chinese New Year

When to order:  Before the End of August

Receive around: November / December

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