Original Wooden Dice Boxes


​The CEO of a Dutch-based architecture firm created an ‘out of the box’ brief.

As the CEO says, “Sometimes clients must somewhat take a ‘gamble’ before selecting a specific (preliminary) design.  After that it is up to us, the architects to deliver since the rough strokes from the first drawings need to be replaced by accuracy and finesse.”

“The dices represent the playfulness and the “gamble” factor, whereas the box is the main structure holding the creative impulses in check.”

To emphasis the corporate style, Handpicked choose customized high quality heavy-wood dices of 2x2cm. The boxes were made in black (the company’s branding) , with a high gloss finish and the company’s logo printed on the sliding lid. Inside a lining of black velvet for an extra touch of class. 

The project was a creative journey for the handpicked producers.

A nice idea: Out of the box!
​And the dice? They went in the box of course.

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