The Guinness Beer Inflatables are Alive?!

Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated all over the world and Guinness in Singapore of course participated in this official celebration.

For the festivities, Handpicked was responsible for the production of the large inflatable ‘Waving man’.  The tall Waving Man stood strong, waving to the crowd with one hand and (of course) holding a large pint of Guinness in the other.

In our factory, it took several trials and test-rounds to make sure the outcome of the waving gesture was perfect. The Waving Man added an interesting “moving element” to the festival which drew lots of attention, while prominently branding the venue with Guinness and Saint Patrick’s day.

Upon arrival the crowd was also given a cool Guinness Hat (pictured above). 

These bowler hats were produced & delivered by handpicked factories as well. 

Below is a video of one of the many test-rounds we did at the factory.  Sometimes the waving motion was too fast, sometimes too slow.  In the end our technicians managed to create the perfect result.

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