LED Wristbands for the SG Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix is famous because it takes place at night to avoid Singapore’s tropical heat during daytime.

The race starts at 8pm local time and is held under artificial lights. Race-drivers are not at all influenced by the dark surroundings, but the audience obviously are.  Hence, this time we weren’t asked to produce the usual Summer Caps or Sunglasses for the F1 fans, but some colourful and glowing “LED Wristbands”.

Handpicked produced 4 different colours of LED slap-on-wristbands which were one-size-fits all, perfect for an audience of all ages and sizes! One day prior to the race the wristbands were used for members entitled to walk in the pit lane. The members visited the pit lane in different batches and the LED wristband colours were used to identify each group. 

Given an extremely short lead time, Handpicked managed the production, executed quality-control rounds in China and arranged for the logistics and delivery to Singapore on time.

Speed, accuracy and quick decisions were of the essence this time…

But lets be fair, that’s logical when it comes to F1-races right?

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